Westerner Call to Loyalty

"Westerners, put on your chaps,

Buckle on your spurs,

Loosen up the reins of our old fighting Westerners.

Sportsmanship, then victory is the motto of our high,

Come along, you brave old Westerners, we will do or die.

We will gallop over all the sweeping prairie land,

We will fight for black and gold, true Westerner brand.

Lubbock High in golden letters, we will glorify,

Come along, you brave old Westerners; we will do or die"



Welcome to the Lubbock High School class of 1955 website. We have included a roster with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Be sure to read and sign the Guestbook.

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Remember how the halls reeked of the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. Remember the cool brisk early morning breeze blowing through the wide open windows in Mrs Kinkaid's room. How about when Dean "Catfish" Fawcett threw the baseball through the study hall window... he was demonstrating his latest pitching style.

Then there was Roy and Nelda always walking down the halls hand in hand. Remember all the special friendships... the bonds that could never be broken, the trusts that were never questioned.

Well, those friendships, those bonds and those trusts still exist even today. Come and share with us, the memories and joys of those years and rekindle those old relationships. Once a month we get together to keep the comradre alive. Meet us for lunch the last Thursday of each month at Furrs Cafeteria at 5001 Slide Road.

We enjoyed sounds:  33 RPM records, band and orchestra, multiple choirs, slow dances at sock hops and cotillions. We remember the trends of our times: hot rods, duck tails, flat tops, poodle skirts and saddle oxfords. We remember what seemed important at the time: sports, welcome weekends, seeing and being seen.

We regret the passing of important places: Hi-D-Ho, the Lindsey, the White Pig, the Hub, Hemphill-Wells, White and Kirk and a hundred other wonderful rendezvous places which are erased everywhere but in our fond memories.  Friendships were formed and bonds tied our class together…in truth and in our memories…forever. 


Please contact us with any updates to the information we have listed here or if you have any information or clues for other classmates. Your help will be greatly appreciated.  We would like to be able to notify everyone of information pertinent to our class and especially information about our upcoming 50TH ANNIVERSARY.

We want to have fun with our website as well as keep everyone posted on the latest gossip and news. Don't forget to leave a message on the guestbook... we want to know about you and what you think about our efforts.


50th Reunion

Go Ahead,
Make My Day!

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